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Skill Tracker

The ATL platform that enables students and teachers to track student progress in logging skills.

What it is

Skill Tracker is a platform that enables students and teachers to track student progress with regards to ATL skills. 

Why Implement Skill Tracker in your School?

With the tightening of ATL requirements coming in 2020 for schools in the International Baccalaureate community, it will become more crucial that IB schools are able to properly record, evidence and report the Skills that students are honing.  Skill Tracker represents a major step forward for IB schools to enable Student Agency and meet the new IB requirements for certification.

Benefits for Coordinators

Skill Tracker provides administrators with highly informative and actionable data. This student generated data is intuitively organised and gives real-time feedback on skill development that handily informs curriculum planning, teaching and assessment.  This can help teachers to identify gaps in curriculum, adjust their course planning according to what students might be lacking according to their tracked skills.

Benefits for Teachers

It ultimately shifts the burden of managing students’ ATL skill progress away from teachers and empowers students to log, track and take ownership of their journey through Skill development. Additionally, skills-related data generated by students provides teachers with up to the minute feedback on student skill development as well as student curriculum planning and teaching.

Benefits for Students

Skill Tracker has been created with an eye toward the support of metacognition, which enables students to have an awareness and understanding of which skills are being developed. With this awareness, students can engage with teachers to ask them to focus on gaps. This in turn, gives students voice, choice and agency – influencing what, when and how subjects are taught.

IB Programme Development

Skill Tracker represents a major step forward for IB schools to support learner agency, an evolving theme across IB programmes. It also helps schools to meet a number of the revised IB Programme Standards and Practices.

Cross-Subject Evidence of Learning

Skill Tracker provides schools with a quick and easy method to track student skill development across subject areas, providing the required evidence of learning necessary for when schools go through authorization and evaluation.


 Creating cross-channel reports is a snap with Skill Tracker since it records all of the student ATL activity, providing detailed and customizable reports.




Through elements of gamification, it solves the challenge of motivating students to track their ATL skill development. 


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