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Service Tracker

Service Tracker is now available for Download on the Apple App Store and on Google Play!

What it is

Service Tracker is a journal, log book and guided reflection process all rolled into one. It allows students to record their service learning plans, activities, experiences and reflections. 

Why Implement Service Tracker in your School?

It encourages students to connect service learning with the development of learner profile attributes and approaches to learning (ATL) skills. It provides teachers with real-time, detailed information about the service learning activities that students are involved in. Additionally, it helps schools see the impact of service learning on their students and the achievement of service learning outcomes.

Benefits for Coordinators

Because of the rich data that Service Tracker provides, schools are better able to evaluate their service learning programmes. The long term tracking possibilities mean that schools can monitor the effectiveness and impact of service learning over years rather than just a short term reflection on a project. The information could help schools develop more meaningful and effective service learning experiences.


Benefits for Teachers

Teachers have reduced administrative loads as they don’t have to design their own system for students to plan act and reflect. It removes the burden of monitoring log books, paper records, reminders to students. It additionally provides all teachers with detailed and instant data on student service learning. This provides a different perspective of a student beyond their academic or sporting progress. 

Benefits for Students

Students are guided through the 5 stages of service learning from investigation to reflection. In-app prompts help students make the connection between their skills, talents and interests, and an authentic need for service learning. Our structure ensures that service opportunities become service learning that will live long in the student’s memory.

IB Programme Development

Service Tracker is a unique tool for IB schools to monitor and document service learning projects. It uses the 5 CAS stages of service learning for reflection, providing the perfect transition between MYP service and DP CAS. It also helps schools to meet a number of the revised IB Programme Standards and Practices.

Designed with Students in Mind

The design prompts critical thinking and reflection at all stages of the process and helps students to organise thoughts and actions in an engaging and accessible way. The learning comes through ongoing reflection and this tool supports that process in fun and easy ways. It also provides a way for students to document service learning which is very useful information to have when students are applying to colleges universities and jobs.

Meaningful Engagement

With Service Tracker’s platform, students are prompted to engage in meaningful service learning activities, through guided planning, action and reflection stages.


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