Frequently Asked Questions

Skill Tracker FAQs



Can I export student data?

Not yet but it’s coming! We realize that this is an important feature for students and teachers, and will have this option ready for December 2018.


Will Skill Tracker work in my school?

Skill Tracker will work in your school if you have IB programmes and students and teachers have access to the internet. Skill Tracker works best when students are able to access the app or web portal on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Can Skill Tracker be used with any operating system?

Yes! We have iOS and Android versions. Students can also access their Skill Tracker account via a web browser if they are using their laptops to log skills.


Does Skill Tracker integrate with other learning management systems?

No yet but we are working on it. We know that a lot of schools use ManageBac to plan their curriculum. We have set up our app structure to align with the structure used by ManageBac and are in ongoing discussions about how we can have better integration with learning management systems and Skill Tracker.


How do I add or remove students and teachers or edit classes?

You can easily add, remove or edit users (students, teachers and administrators) by using the School Admin page. We have designed this so schools can do their own administration without having to lodge a request with Tracker Apps support. Of course, we are here for you if you need help with this process!


How do I set up Skill Tracker at my school?

Simply contact to get started. You’ll be connected with a tech department who will request student, teacher and class data to personalize Skill Tracker for your school. Once the data is entered, you are ready to go.


How is my school data protected?

All your school data is stored in our Firebase database, which is protected by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Firebase terms include data processing and security terms and they are also certified under major privacy and security standards. You can read more about it here: Firebase privacy and security


What data do you collect from student users?


  • We collect: Student ID, First & Last Names, Grade, Email Address and Birthdate
  • The data students enter when logging skills: Title of Work, Category, Cluster, Skill Level, Notes & the attachments uploaded


This data is only viewable by the student and their teachers. We don’t share any of this information.


What data do you collect from schools?


  • Student, Teacher and Class-related data.
  • Student: Student ID, First & Last Names, Grade, Email Address and Birthdate.
  • Teacher: Teacher ID, First & Last Names and Email Address.
  • Class: Class name, Teacher name, Student list, Subject, Grade.
  • School data: School Type, Programs they use, School name, Region & Country, Description, Address, Contact number, and Contact email.


This data is only viewable by the school. We don’t share any of this information.



How do I view the files that students have attached to their skills?

In the teacher web portal, you can see the files students have logged as evidence when you are in the ‘Skills Logged’ view. Just click on the particular log entry that you’d like to see then click on the file icon.


What if I disagree with the way a student has logged a skill?

This is a great opportunity for a conversation with the individual student about their skill development. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility, but your input and guidance may help them to better evaluate their progress.


What if students haven’t logged any skills in my classes?

There are two elements to this question. One aspect could be that students have not been learning the skills that you have planned to teach. In this case your reflection is important and this can serve as valuable feedback for your planning and teaching so that you can explicitly address specific skills. Secondly, students may not have been aware that they had learned particular skills. Your class discussions and individual chats are an opportunity to make the skill development more explicit and to guide the students as to which skills they may have learned, then give them time to log them. Students may need more explicit instruction or guidance to log their first few skills but once they become more self-aware and familiar with the app, they will easily be able to log skills on their own.


Does Skill Tracker use the same language and ATL categories that are outlined in IB documentation?

Skill Tracker uses the same names as the IB for the five ATL categories and the same names for the ten ATL clusters contained within the categories. The app has been developed by IB teacher practitioners who have thorough knowledge of the IB programmes.



How do I compare student data across different subject areas?

On the teacher portal you can view individual student data and review the spread of skills logged across subjects. You can also see an overview of which skills have been logged in which subjects. This is useful to reflect on balance and spread of skill development. Use the ‘My School’ button and then choose the filters you want to apply eg year, subject or student.


How can Skill Tracker help our school meet IB requirements?

The IB requires that ATL skills are planned and monitored. Skill Tracker enables teachers and coordinators to easily view which skills have been learned, which goes beyond simply planning to teach them. The IB requires evidence of monitoring, and the Skill Tracker is a perfect tool with which to provide that evidence of ATL implementation.


Can Skill Tracker be used for PYP?

Skill Tracker has been designed for the MYP. However, PYP uses the same five categories of ATL skills so PYP students could very easily use the app. Teachers would need to remind students of the MYP sub-division of ten clusters, but the categories and specific skills remain the same across programmes.


Can Skill Tracker be used for DP and CP?

Skill Tracker has been designed for the MYP. However, DP and CP uses the same five categories of ATL skills so DP and CP students could very easily use the app. Teachers would need to remind students of the MYP sub-division of ten clusters, but the categories and specific skills remain the same across programmes.



Why is there no trial period?

The power of Skill Tracker is the data collected in one school by a range of students. It would be very frustrating for a student to spend time logging skills while you trialled the app, and then their data disappears at the end of the trial period. We offer demonstrations of the app and web portal via web conferencing and we are very happy to answer any questions you might have. Because of our pricing structure, it is also possible for a school to try out the app with a single grade level or cohort of students before rolling it out to all MYP students at a school.


How long is a subscription?

Our subscription period is for one year. You can start your subscription at any time in the year.


How much do you charge for teachers to use the app?

Teachers and administrators use the app and web portal for free. We only charge you for the number of student users.

Have any more questions?

Please feel free to contact us at anytime. We are always happy to chat about our product and how we can help! You can contact us at Info or here on our contact form: Contact


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