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Meet Skill Tracker and Service Tracker. Use these apps together or separately to track student progress. 

Both products were created to work separately or in tandem for an easy way to track learning progress.  

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Track your lifelong learning journey

CredsPo gives everyone the ability to easily track, record and celebrate their learning journey. You can set goals, record progress for skills and attributes, and create a digital record of all your learning.

Use CredsPo to build a detailed portfolio of your knowledge, skills and achievements that you can use for college and job applications.

It’s the ideal tool for any individual whether you’re at school, university, college, in an apprenticeship or starting your first job

Service Tracker

Service Tracker is a journal, log book and guided reflection process all rolled into one. It allows students to record their service learning plans activities, experiences and reflections. It enables students, teachers and coordinators to easily follow the 5 stages of service learning in all projects.

Skill Tracker

Skill Tracker is a platform that enables students and teachers to track student progress with regards to ATL skills. It ultimately alleviates teachers and coordinators of the burden of managing students’ ATL skill progress. In doing so, it also empowers students to log, track and take ownership of their journey through skill development.

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Curriculum Coordinators

Are you looking for an easy way to get an overview of skill development horizontally and vertically in your school? 

Skill Tracker and Service Tracker software packages provide a simple way for students, teachers and school communities to track their implementation of these critical learning processes.

Data from our software can help you teachers make informed decisions to enhance student learning.


Our products shift the burden off of your shoulders and allow students to have agency in tracking their own learning.

Data generated by students provides teachers with up to the minute feedback on student progress.

Use Tracker software to help your students reflect on their learning progress, report on skill development and see the impact of your teaching.

Students and Parents

Our software is designed to promote critical thinking, logging of skills and reflection at all stages of the student’s progress. 

With an increased focus on lifelong learning and essential thinking skills, Tracker Apps helps students and parents develop essential thinking and learning skills for study and work. 

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Founder and CEO

Malcolm Nicolson

Chief Academic Officer

James Gallagher

Chief Academic Officer

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