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Over the last few weeks since releasing our first product, Skill Tracker, we’ve been fortunate to receive some excellent feedback – a lot of it product related. However, interestingly, we’ve also heard through our intelligence gathering, that teachers, MYP coordinators and schools are hungry for more resources on teaching ATL skills. Of course, we love saying that our blogs are some of the best resources out there. Yet, we also know that our blogs are only a few months old and that there are some other extremely valuable resources available online to anyone. We recently compiled some of the resources that we have used personally or that we have come across in our work for one of our customers. Of course, we love it when people provide even more information – we’re sure that there are even more resources out there – we just haven’t come across them yet. If you know of any sites pertaining to ATL skills or simply excellent sites on pedagogy, feel free to share them in the comments section. We’ll be certain to include them in our next installment on ATL Resources.

Lance King

As you might have noticed in the past, Lance King has been a close friend and supporter of Tracker Apps. Lance’s site is a great place to pick up top quality resources that are tried and tested in hundreds of schools. The resources range from classroom activities, to ways to structure a programme to planning guidance.

Lenny Dutton – Excited Educator

A fabulous set of support documents and advice from an open-minded and caring/sharing fellow professional. This site has a toolkit, planning documents, mapping and a presentation for teachers. It is useful for teachers and coordinators.

Werner Paetzold

An amazing collaboration between teachers across the world, guided and initiated by Werner. This offers a superb toolkit and shows how skills across the categories can be taught.

Stephen Taylor

Stephen has published a wide range of very helpful documents that will please teachers and coordinators. There are original articles by Stephen, as well as planning templates, toolkit, presentations, frameworks and excellent visuals.

We hope this guide proves useful. As we collect more resources we will be sure to share!

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