21st Century Skills and Tracker Apps

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By Maxine Driscoll

21st Century Skills

For almost two decades educators, politicians, business leaders and parents have been talking about 21st century skills and what schools must do to prepare our children for their future.  While the International Baccalaureate, IB, has been doing something about it for the past 20 years or so. As a Principal and Head of School in three different countries for almost 20 years I realised many years ago that the IB ATLs are in reality 21st century skills.

Have you seen the new Tracker Apps?

What a fantastic App! Tracker Apps is the missing link to implementing IB Approaches to Learning (ATLs). A fabulous way to empower student agency and a wonderful door into the future world of work for our students.

Simply put, the ATLs are the preparation our students need to self-manage, navigate their future with confidence, develop modern communication skills, utilise an open mind, and grow in creativity and critical thinking, advanced research skills and social skills. With the advent of Tracker Apps students can take the responsibility to self-manage their own growth and development in 21st century skills. How awesome is that?

Intuitive New Technology

Tracker Apps has seized a huge opportunity using a new technology designed specifically for students and schools to track ATL skills for student learning and development. It’s secure, fast and reliable. Tracker Apps empowers students to take the lead in the monitoring and recording of their own learning and development in a new, simple and fun way.

Since 2004 I have always been impressed with the IB Curriculum Framework implementing new IB Programmes in all the schools I have led in Australia and Asia-Pacific knowing that the IB really meets the needs of today’s youth. I love this new tool designed by the Tracker Apps Team; Dr Sally Hirsch, Malcolm Nicolson and James Gallagher, a team of educational experts with a passion for supporting student agency through self-awareness.

Tracker Apps gives students agency to learn 21st century skills at a personalised and meaningful pace. Students find access & data entry easy because the App is designed to be simple and intuitive. I know students will love it too!

Feedback for Teachers

IB teachers have been teaching and scaffolding 21st century skills with students for almost two decades. The arrival of Tracker Apps means that students can self-initiate and self-assess their growth in critical and creative thinking skills, communication and collaboration, research skills, self- management skills and social skills (ATLs). Using Tracker Apps incentivizes and motivates students to keep up-to-date and accurate records, thereby increasing student agency. At the same time Tracker Apps provides teachers with up to the minute feedback on student skill development as well as informing curriculum planning and teaching. How good is that?

Preparation for the Future of Work

Tracker Apps is a fantastic strategy to prepare students not only for now but also for their futures in a complex and unknown work environment where these skills will be highly sought after.

I urge you to have a play with Tracker Apps soon. I know you and your students will be impressed.

This article was written by Maxine Driscoll, Edupreneur, Former Principal and Head of School in IB Schools in Australia and Asia-Pacific. Founder and Visionary at Think Strategic for Schools, which is a company designed to change schools and empower school leaders. This can be achieved by inspiring and empowering school leaders, and supporting schools to create, innovate and implement successful, strategic directions designed to prepare students to thrive in their future. She is also author of international bestseller Leadership Really Matters – Applying Innovation to the Educational Crisis Today. With empowerment, innovation and student development at the heart of all she does, Maxine is very well placed to share her thoughts on our Skill Tracker app.

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